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The site does not automatically collect your personal data, we respect your privacy. If you post personal information in the contact information form on the site, or if you enter an e-mail address into the subscription form, you agree to the processing terms of the data you provide by the MailChimp service in accordance with the Policy of this service. In case of filling out the above forms, your data is processed by MailChimp service and mail client and not processed directly by the site.


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 The site reserves the right to remove any comments without prior notice or explanation in case they are offensive, in the comments are used rough expressions, comments are any kind of spam. The site is not responsible for the comments, their nature and content left by users of the site.


All materials on the site, including images and texts are copyrighted and protected by copyright. In the case of posting materials on the site of third parties, this is clearly indicated in their description. Also site may use stock -photos, materials with this type of content not indicated due to the creative commons regulations of providing photos services. Reprinting and use of any materials on the site, including but not limited to: logo, photos, texts, etc. are allowed only with the prior consent of the site owner, to leave a request for such consent, please fill out the contact form information.


All organizations and brands, recommendations or reviews on this site are determined by the principle of personal preferences and are based on the personal opinion and values ​​of the site owner, which include: awareness, minimalism, relevance and reliability of information.


The site is open to cooperation with organizations and individuals, but in the case of creating materials in a collaboration with third parties, information on the site will be placed with reference to the content created in such collaboration, and the content of materials will comply with the above principle.